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Shine Bright Like a Diamond



I’m a Diva and Fabulous Youth Foundation (DFYF) is founded by Kimberly Woods. It is a non-profit 501(c)(3) Foundation. We are dedicated to impact youth girls with positive mentorships, community interaction and recreational activities. DFYF want to inspire self-confidence, build self-esteem, and reunite friendships among our youth girls as well as teaching them about healthy eating habits and taking care of themselves.

Our mission is to generate inner respect, love and self-empowerment in young girls that are, or have been in dysfunctional and disadvantaged negative environments through working on a positive self-image of themselves in relation to the different negative influences and images in our society.

This is our second year at Kucera Middle School in Rialto, CA and created an awesome Program called, “Shine Bright like a Diamond Mentoring Program”. This Program helps 6th, 7th and 8th grade young girls find their place in this world, become better leaders, teach effective positive communication methods, life skills and problem solving skills. We touch on a variety of topics that the girls are going through and having problems with. No topic will be over looked. The girls will be getting advice from a variety of sources from peers, teachers, parents, and professionals within the field of topic. We will be taking them on special after school trips to various local places of business to help them overcome certain obstacles they face. 

DFYF is  here to help change our community at-large by showing the girls that they have amazing capabilities if they are empowered by giving them an opportunity to shine and to have a voice in the communities in which they live.

For more information on making a contribution, donating supplies or volunteering opportunities please call us at 909.346.3482 (office) and/or 909.200.7591 (cell) or via email


2013-14 End of the Year Dinner and Banquet Graduation 

2013-2014- 67 girls graduated from our program and received certificates of completion, awards, gift  bags and school scholarships.


Thank you in advance,

Kimberly L. Woods - Founder/CEO


“We educate and empower girls through teaching life skills and
building self-confidence and self-esteem” for life.”


An Award Winning Youth Foundation

I’m a Diva and Fabulous Youth Foundation
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